Ramsés Moreno


Keyhubs Website Design


Mockup of the Keyhubs home page


Keyhubs® is a software and services company specializing in “The power and wisdom of human networks, connection, and awareness of self and others.” They had an 8 years old website. The owners wanted a new website, with a design that reflected a more warm identity, even though they were perceived as a software company.


My participation consisted in project management, from requirements gathering to publication, and specifically the web design. I proposed the client to follow process that included sketches, wireframes and design proposals, so we can have quick iterations in the initial phases.

Illustrations by Sandra Cardenas.


Content inventory

The work started with a content inventory, were I was able to know the old site structure, take it as an starting point and to be sure all the URLs were going to be replaced or redirected by the new website

Screenshot of a document list
Keyhubs content inventory


The Wireframe stage helped me both for a communication tool, and to propose the new information architecture. I proposed a new way to organize sections and how to have access to new content such as featured articles.

Screenshot of a Wireframe
Keyhubs Wireframes

Visual design

The project included the design of 18 screens in both desktop and mobile versions.

Screenshot of a website
Keyhubs Desktop Screens
Screenshot of a website
Keyhubs Mobile Screens
Screenshots of a Website
The new Keyhubs Home Page.
Screenshot of a website page
Keyhubs Sample Article Page
Screenshot of a website page
I used a timeline pattern to show the company milestones