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Iungo Logistics

Iungo Startup

The web interface of Iungo platform

The Project

Iugo is an startup with the objective to facilitate the management of international logistics. I participated in the first phase of the project as a designer with one co-worker


Proto personas

Based on meetings with stakeholders and interviews, I created Persona documents that helped us to shape the whole platform

Screenshots of Iungo Web Application
The Iungo Proto Personas.

Visual design

Screenshots of Iungo Web Application
I designed component to show the current status of a shipment. The positive (green) color and a check mark was used to show the successfully completed phases. All shipments were listed using the same component to easy compare the status of more than one at the same time.
Screenshots of Iungo Web Application
A clear detail of a shipment was needed. One important thing was to correctly communicat the origin and destination. I designed a clear header that always showed that information with an arrow in the middle marking the direction.