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Fragrances Marketplace App


Interface of the web interface for book search

The Project

Knowing about the existence of groups of people with a very high interest in buying and selling fragrances that are connected in social networks, a startup wanted to validate the idea of a dedicated digital platform that allow buyers and sellers to make transactions without the limitations or disadvantages of doing so in a social network group. (Work in progress)


Currently, I am the only designer in the project.


I interviewed both fragrances buyers and sellers, using video conference software due to the pandemic, to learn more about users. Some insights included why those users prefer to buy in social networks instead of going to a retail store and the most used applications in their phones With permission from the users, the interviews were recorded and transcribed.

Proto personas

With the initial interviews, the most important information was documented in two Proto Personas.

Screenshot of proto personas document
Proto personas for a Fragrances Marketplace


I used sketches to quicly iterate in the interaction design process, the first objetive was to design the seller's flow.

Sketches of a user interface
Sketches allows me to quickly iterate interaction ideas


I created wireframes as a communication and validation tool with the client and a potential user. In the wireframes, I defined the flow for fragrance seller managing their sales and publications. Validating with the wireframes I noticed the necessity of separation of the inventory and publications features.

Wireframes of a user interface
Wireframes used for the sales and publications management

Visual design

Screenshots of a user interface
Having only the amber colour defined in their visual identity, I iterated with a light and dark interface. The selected dark blue is a complementary color of amber, and I used shades of both colors in the palette.
Screenshots of a user interface
I iterated the design proposals pursuing the simplicity, I decided, for example, that photos of fragrances were not required in the sales list and that the sale status could be represented in a simpler way. I used rhythm to guide the eye between the list items, each element like the title or price is similar and the hierarchy of them is done using different sizes and colors.
Screenshots of a user interface
Making easier the selling process in social networks.