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Flourish Platform

Flourish Savings

Screenshots of Flourish Application
The path to reach your savings goal.

The Project

Flourish is a startup in the UC Berkeley acceleration program that based their services in the gamification of savings. I was part of the team that implemented the early versions of their platform.


I designed the wireframes to validate the early proposals, alongside another designer we iterated some UI versions. The UI used for the second MVP was based in my proposal.

Screenshots of Flourish Wireframe
I created the Flourish Wireframes to communicate the ideas to the team.
Screenshots of Flourish Application
I iterated over several design styles that were selected by the team. (Some illustrations and icons were done by other designer)
Screenshots of Flourish Application Onboarding screens
I designed the screens of the onboarding process to follow one path. That way the player could feel the connection between them when navigating them as an slider.
Screenshots of Flourish Application Screens
I used a colorful palette, in accordance with the playfulness of the application. Each main section had its own color, so the player could easily identify where they were.